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We’ve been in the Metro DC & Northern Virginia markets for over a decade and have built our trust organically with consistent quality. Below you will find information about our locations and availability for large parties and private dining services. We look forward to hosting your event.

4 Locations

Find the perfect venue for your event!

  • Private Room
    Perfect for those that want to be isolated from the rest of the restaruant
  • Cocktail Party
    Perfect for those looking to have a bit of fun, at the bar with friends/coworkers..
  • Banquet Menus
    Perfect for those who need a full banquet menu.
  • Outdoor Dining
    Perfect for those who prefer outside seating.
  • A/V Capablity
    perfect for those who need to present.



Foggy Bottom

Navy Yard

Chinatown Location

CIRCA at Chinatown is conveniently located right next to the Capital One Arena just off the Chinatown Metro stop at the corner of 7th and H St., a mere two blocks from the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. CIRCA at Chinatown is the perfect spot to host a pre-post game event or host a candlelit dinner for your team after a convention!

Main Dining Area

The main dining area is available for buyouts and events over 60-100 guests to allow comfortable seating. CIRCA at Chinatown is well equipped with a variety of set banquet style menus in all price points.

Maximum Guests100
Can It Be Private?Yes
Audio/Video FeaturesYes
Customizable MenusYes
Semi-private Table

A cozier semi-private table sits tucked away from the main dining area but still captures the action of the restaurant and seats up to 12 guests comfortably with a television at the head of the table. The perfect spot for a large group to watch a big game!

Maximum Guests12
Can It Be Private?Semi-private
Audio/Video FeaturesYes
Customizable MenusYes
Dragon Bar

On the first floor, is a stunning long granite “Dragon Bar” with the capacity to handle up to 125 people for happy hour events and cocktail parties. We offer a variety of different food options, from large patters to buffet style service. Photos of the Dragon Bar.

Maximum Guests125
Can It Be Private?Yes
Audio/Video FeaturesYes
Platter MenuYes
Main Bar

On the second level sits the main CIRCA Bar and the main dining room. This upstairs bar is a slightly smaller and more comfortable (swanky) area with a capacity of approximately 40-50 guests for a cocktail event or gathering.

Maximum Guests50
Can It Be Private?Yes
Audio/Video FeaturesYes
Platter MenuYes
Private Dining Room

For larger seated dinners, the Private Dining Room, which is encased in glass, seats up to 34 guests and is equipped with a television. This beautiful fully private room is perfect for any function!

Maximum Guests34
Can It Be Private?Yes
Audio/Video FeaturesYes
Customizable MenusYes

Foggy Bottom Location

CIRCA at Foggy Bottom is conveniently located across the street from the Foggy Bottom Metro entry at the corner of 23rd NW and I St. We are on the George Washington University’s historic campus and directly across the street from the GW Hospital. We are also your ideal location for a pre or post Kennedy Center dining experience. The Kennedy Center’s free shuttle departs directly across the street from CIRCA.

Covered Patio

The patio is fully covered by an awning, we are able to fully enclose the sides as well as heaters throughout. It can accommodate dinners of up to 30 guests and is the ideal spot for an after-work happy hour or large celebration. With a maximum capacity of 150 people standing, it can be sectioned off to provide a more intimate space for smaller parties. The patio also features its own 15 seat bar that allows for a convenient, full-service experience.

Maximum Guests150
Can It Be Private?Yes
Audio/Video FeaturesNo
Customizable MenusYes
Main Dining Area

The main dining room is perfect for small events of up to 12, while the patio is capable of seating up to 30 guests. CIRCA at Foggy Bottom is well equipped with a variety of set banquet style menus in all price points.

Maximum Guests12
Can It Be Private?Yes
Audio/Video FeaturesNo
Customizable MenusYes
Main Bar Area

Our hightops, located in our main bar area, create great spaces for mingling and networking. The six hightops span the length of our bar and are nestled under our expansive side windows. Depending on the size of your group, we can customize the space to accommodate up to 35 guests for a cocktail event.

Maximum Guests35
Can It Be Private?No
Audio/Video FeaturesNo
Platter MenusYes

Clarendon Location

CIRCA at Clarendon is conveniently located on the corner of Clarendon Blvd and Garfield St in the heart of Clarendon. We are one block off of the Clarendon metro station entrance. With its neighborhood vibe and central location, it’s perfect for any event, large or small!

Main Dining Area

The main dining area would be available for buyouts and seated events up to 50 guests to allow comfortable seating. CIRCA at Clarendon is well equipped with a variety of set banquet style menus in all price points as well as the capability to build buffets and cater outside events. If you’re looking for the newest hot spot to bring your next event you’ll find CIRCA checks all the boxes to exceed expectations!

Maximum Guests50
Can It Be Private?Only for Buyout
Audio/Video FeaturesNo
Customizable MenusYes
Bar Banquette

At the far side of our bar area, and against a floor to ceiling window, sits a cozy Bar Banquette, which seats up to 22 guests comfortably. This area captures the energy of the bar, but provides enough intimacy to enjoy your guests company.

Maximum Guests22
Can It Be Private?No
Audio/Video FeaturesYes
Customized MenusYes
Partial Bar

Our bar provides excellent flexibility and options for happy hour and cocktail events. Partial Bar options can accommodate groups anywhere from 10-75 guests, and offer a variety of pre-ordered food options. A Full Bar buyout provides space to accommodate up to 125 guests comfortably.

Maximum Guests125
Can It Be Private?Yes
Audio/Video FeaturesNo
Platter MenuYes
Wine Room

Off of our main dining room, is our stunning semi-private “Wine Room” with the capacity to hold up to 16 guests for a seated lunch/dinner. This room also offers a television with A/V capability at the head of the table.

Maximum Guests16
Can It Be Private?Semi-Private
Audio/Video FeaturesYes
Customized MenusYes

Food and Beverage

At its heart, CIRCA is an American Bistro. Our menu is indicative of our commitment to the classics as well as new fare that speaks to our location’s specific flavors and desires.

We offer a variety of pre-selected menus at different price points for lunch, brunch and dinner. Each menu is crafted to include a fantastic variety of dishes at a price point within your budget. Also available are a variety of wines to choose from and pre-select for your party to keep the good times rolling from the moment you walk in the door.

Not interested in a sit-down dinner? No problem, we also offer delicious appetizer platters for sharing and passed hors d’oeuvres for cocktail parties and happy hour type events.

The guests that come to CIRCA deserve nothing but the best in quality, and we are always focused on delivering that experience.

Simple Booking Process


What type of party and when?

  • Standing cocktail or happy hour event
  • Sit down dinner
  • Sit down lunch/brunch

Pick a spot based on party type and size

  • Semi-Private Room
  • Bar Banquet
  • Partial Bar
  • Full Bar
  • Full Restaurant Buyout

Pre-select Menu based on budget and preference

  • Pre-set Dinner/Lunch Menus
  • Pre-set Platters
  • Pre-set Passables
  • Pre-Selected Wines
  • Special Requests

Close Contract Details

  • Time/Menu/Location/Price/Minimum Spend
  • Custom elements agreed upon
  • Credit Card Authorization/Deposit
  • Itemized details for the guest

Done. Enjoy Your Event!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Large Party “Minimum Spend” Policy?

Given the fluid nature of the restaurant business we try to keep accurate and flexible minimums. Our minimums will reflect anticipated business on the day or night of your event and the space that you are choosing to utilize. Therefore, if you’re looking for main dining area on a Saturday during peak hours your minimum would be very high. On the other hand if your party is able to book off peak hours or dates we can be far more flexible with our minimum spend requirements. We always try our best to work with each and every guest and party that walks in the door. We will work to find a solution to any budget and any timeslot we have available to guarantee the best experiences for all.

Do you have “room fees?”

We do not usually have any room fees, rather we have a minimum spend policy. With this arrangement, you’re only paying for items you receive as long as you reach the minimum quoted for your party. The only time a room fee would be applied is in the event your party fell short of the minimum spend and chose not to order anything more.

Do you offer gluten free (or other allergen) options on your set menus?

Yes, we offer gluten sensitive menu options! Although, due to the seriousness of Celiac Disease we always remind our guests’ about potential cross-contamination risks, as our kitchens aren’t entirely gluten-free. Please let us know any dietary restrictions prior to menu selection and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you offer Open Bar packages?

We do not structure open bars in an all you can drink format (Per person/hour), rather we charge based on consumption and will give alerts to the host upon request if they are nearing their budget. To the guests, it appears as an open bar but you’ll never pay for more than you consume!

Do you have audio and video capabilities?

Each location is different, depending on the nature and needs of your event we will do our best to accommodate. Please list your A/V needs in the contact form for your desired location to learn more!

Can we decorate the space?

Depending on the nature of the event guests often inquire about decorations. We are open to outside decorations within reason and just ask that it not interfere with other guests that may be dining in our establishment. We typically try to avoid flashing lights, noise makers or massive balloon arrangements. But, never hesitate to ask and as always we will try to make it work!

Does the minimum spend include tax and gratuity?

All quoted minimums do NOT include tax and gratuity.